Indutech Group is an industrial holding and center of excellence
specialized in supplying components to industries worldwide.

The holding currently comprises Vandapower, a supplier of components and assemblies for industrial batteries, and Global Cables, a provider of industrial cables for a wide range of applications.


Indutech Group is constantly looking for opportunities in the international market to further realize its mission. Long-term partnerships with manufacturers, acquisitions of companies that manufacture or distribute complementary products… all these aims align with the vision of becoming a valuable player in an international environment. Each initiative targets long-term value creation.

knowledge center

Indutech Group is more than just an industrial holding. The in-depth knowledge that exists within the group is an excellent matrix for innovation and growth. Indutech Group has experts in every aspect and sub-process of supplying components to the industry.

  • Design

  • Global sourcing

  • Global sales

  • Production

  • Quality assurance

  • Customized Logistics Service

  • Customer Service & EDI


Building on the existing platform of markets, products and skills, Indutech Group continuously strives to write new success stories for its stakeholders. In this way, we can enter both new and existing niche markets quickly and efficiently. Vandapower and Global Cables are two striking examples of this method.

Vandapower is a trusted partner for companies producing, distributing and servicing industrial batteries. Vandapower creates value as a one-stop shop for connectors, cables and other components for industrial batteries or battery chargers, offering products
as well as technical consulting. The company provides specific value in cable harness assembly and quality assurance.

Global Cables will become the worldwide reference for industrial cables. The experienced R&D, business development and sales & service experts of Indutech Group will ensure a fast and stable roll-out in different (niche) markets around the world. Indutech Group will support Global Cables with all its resources and combine all its strengths to become the number 1 in industrial cables.